Tommy Nease | Stephanie Dowda

Tommy Nease

Stephanie Dowda

Tommy Nease - nevermore | Stephanie Dowda - Topophilia

Dual solo exhibitions

Show runs: March 15 – May 10, 2014

Images - Tommy Nease
Images - Stephanie Dowda

Get This Gallery is pleased to present dual solo photography exhibitions, Nevermore by Tommy Nease and Topophilia by Stephanie Dowda. This will be Nease’s second solo show with Get This Gallery. This is Dowda’s first exhibition with Get This Gallery.

Tommy Nease’s latest series, Nevermore is a series of images that continue his themes of the phantasmical. Nevermore is an exploration into time and a homage to all that fades with its passing. The series resides in a chimeric landscape where moments in time are immortalized. The images are prepared as tintypes in an effort to portray a sense of lost time in an archaic form of image making.

Nease’s work has been both exhibited and published throughout the United States and Europe including collaborations with: Dazed and Confused magazine (London), Unpublished magazine (Milan), the FOAM museum (Amsterdam), RELIC (Brooklyn), N‐SPHERE (Romania), Tell Mum Everything is OK (Paris), among others. Nease’s solo ventures include “PNEUMA” a book published by Fourteen Nineteen (London) and Other/Other (USA) with an opening release exhibition at the Happy Dog Gallery in Chicago. Nease has exhibited in Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and in Poznan, Poland.

Stephanie Dowda’s series, Topophilia is a photography project exploring the powerful sensations humans experience from our natural environments and inspired by the eponymous geography theory as defined by Yi-Fu Tuan. Dowda’s intentionally manipulated medium-format film camera becomes a vessel to capture the sensation from these locales--for example state and natural parks that preserve the land’s history. Dowda’s photographic process uses light and exposure to capture the maximum amount of light in each image. The photographs will be presented as gelatin silver prints.

Dowda is a photographer and installation artist living in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Dowda is a 2013 Baum Foundation New American Photographer Nominee. Dowda has shown her work widely in Atlanta exhibitions, such as Cardinal, curated by Rachel Reese and on view at Marcia Wood Gallery and Twin Kittens, and Fables of an Eco-Future, curated by Lisa Alembik and exhibited at Hambidge Gallery. Dowda has attended Cabin Time residency and is a studio artist with the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Studio Program. Dowda is a Hambidge Fellow and was a Dashboard Co-op artist. She works primarily in traditional photographic methods and believes that the camera can capture the spirit of the physical world.