Previous Exhibitions

Rick Froberg: NEW WORK
(June 08 2007 - July 21 2007)

signed two color silkscreen exhibition prints are available.
$30 (includes shipping within U.S. and Canada)

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(April 27 2007 - June 02 2007)

Veronica’s work is a “detailed spiritual fantasy, full of drawings encompassing of mostly lines leaning towards personal aspirations for a stronger life.”
The exhibition included car drawings and skin drawings on paper as well as installations of white-ink drawings on birch wood pieces and veneer.

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Draw This!
(March 16 2007 - April 21 2007)

A group drawing show featuring:

Andy Moon Wilson
Gabrielle L’Hirondelle
Harrison Keys
Jill Storthz
Rick Froberg
Veronica De Jesus

(February 02 2007 - March 10 2007)

Mike Brodie show card

Part Kerouac’s “On the Road,” part Goldberg’s “Raised By Wolves,” each of the images in Brodie’s photo narrative simultaneously captures the rawness as well the beauty of the locations and the people he has met during his journeys. Brodie’s planned but candid photographs come together to form a poetic saga of his travels and offer an engaging look into the lives of some of America’s present-day nomads.

(December 15 2006 - January 27 2007)

Creative Loafing

Nate Moore’s second solo show with Get This! Gallery will exclusivly featured origami works. The paper used to create the hundreds of origami jets and cicadas comes from found sources such as magazines and antique books.

Pen Pal
(November 03 2006 - December 02 2006)

random images from the Pen Pal show
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Pen Pal is a collaborative art project involving 8 Savannah GA artists and 8 Atlanta GA artists. The artists from each city are anonymously paired and correspond via the USPS. The entire process took place between August and September 2006.

Savannah Artists:

Crystal Kanney, Martha Allen, Jason Kofke, Erin Vaiskauckas, Hillary White, Steven Speir, Aundre Tellier, and Ted Bihun.

Atlanta Artists:

Rene Arriagada, Harrison Keys, Bean Worley, Lamar Barber, Kelly Teasley, Shana Wood, Nate Moore, and Chris Chambers.

"Pass the Ammunition" by Joseph Peragine
(July 13 2006 - July 15 2006)

Get This! Gallery is excited to present, in conjunction with Solomon Projects, a viewing of: Pass the Ammunition, an animated short film by Joseph Peragine. The show will also include an installation of digital stills from the film.

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Troy Bennett: Utility Poles
(April 21 2006 - June 03 2006)

Troy Bennett installation view

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present, Utility Poles an intriguing solo exhibition of photographs by artist Troy Bennett. This photographic typology examines that which we ignore, the ubiquitous utility pole. view artist's website >>

Jill Storthz: Color Woodcuts and Small Drawings
(December 09 2005 - January 28 2006)

Jill Storhz installation view

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present, Color Woodcuts and Small Drawings an exhibition of woodcuts and drawings by Jill Storthz. This will be the first solo exhibition in Atlanta for this San Francisco based artist. Jill creates her sophisticated prints using a reductive process, also called the "suicide method" because only one block of shina, a Japanese basswood, is used and there is no "going back" in the event that a mistake is made.view press release >>

(October 28 2005 - December 03 2005)

Nate Moore’s two mediums for his solo exhibition, aptly titled War and Health, couldn’t be more dissimilar. But the self-taught artists method for creating both his origami planes and his collages comes from a subconscious common process, he says. The result is two directions of art that are fiercely original and visually dramatic.

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