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Harrison Keys - Always Aweigh | Austin Eddy - someone to ride the river with
(May 16 2014 - July 12 2014)

Harrison Keys

Austin Eddy

Dual solo exhibitions.

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Tommy Nease | Stephanie Dowda
(March 15 2014 - May 10 2014)

Tommy Nease

Stephanie Dowda

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Get This Gallery is pleased to present dual solo photography exhibitions, Nevermore by Tommy Nease and Topophilia by Stephanie Dowda. This will be Nease’s second solo show with Get This Gallery. This is Dowda’s first exhibition with Get This Gallery.

Tommy Nease’s latest series, Nevermore is a series of images that continue his themes of the phantasmical. Nevermore is an exploration into time and a homage to all that fades with its passing. The series resides in a chimeric landscape where moments in time are immortalized. The images are prepared as tintypes in an effort to portray a sense of lost time in an archaic form of image making.

Nease’s work has been both exhibited and published throughout the United States and Europe including collaborations with: Dazed and Confused magazine (London), Unpublished magazine (Milan), the FOAM museum (Amsterdam), RELIC (Brooklyn), N‐SPHERE (Romania), Tell Mum Everything is OK (Paris), among others. Nease’s solo ventures include “PNEUMA” a book published by Fourteen Nineteen (London) and Other/Other (USA) with an opening release exhibition at the Happy Dog Gallery in Chicago. Nease has exhibited in Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and in Poznan, Poland.

Stephanie Dowda’s series, Topophilia is a photography project exploring the powerful sensations humans experience from our natural environments and inspired by the eponymous geography theory as defined by Yi-Fu Tuan. Dowda’s intentionally manipulated medium-format film camera becomes a vessel to capture the sensation from these locales--for example state and natural parks that preserve the land’s history. Dowda’s photographic process uses light and exposure to capture the maximum amount of light in each image. The photographs will be presented as gelatin silver prints.

Dowda is a photographer and installation artist living in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Dowda is a 2013 Baum Foundation New American Photographer Nominee. Dowda has shown her work widely in Atlanta exhibitions, such as Cardinal, curated by Rachel Reese and on view at Marcia Wood Gallery and Twin Kittens, and Fables of an Eco-Future, curated by Lisa Alembik and exhibited at Hambidge Gallery. Dowda has attended Cabin Time residency and is a studio artist with the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Studio Program. Dowda is a Hambidge Fellow and was a Dashboard Co-op artist. She works primarily in traditional photographic methods and believes that the camera can capture the spirit of the physical world.

Gyun Hur - A System of Interiority
(January 04 2014 - February 15 2014)

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*Review of exhibition on BURNAWAY.

Get This Gallery wass pleased to present A System of Interiority by Gyun Hur. This was Hur’s second solo show with Get This Gallery.

Gyun Hur has received wide acclaim for her floor installations comprised of hand-shredded silk flowers. In this exhibition Hur presents a new aesthetic direction in her construction of visual and psychological space. The collaborative installation engages lighting designer, Rebecca Makus and writers, Kristin Juarez, Lilly Lampe, and Ruiyan Xu. The exhibition includes a collection of objects and materials including powders, silk flowers, dirt, and broken pots. These objects will be laid on to multiple platforms around the gallery space, which include a cement floor, glass floor, and a light panel. The writers’ texts that explore ideas of interior will be installed on the gallery walls. A System of Interiority invites the viewer to experience the installation over time as the light changes – this transformation of space is an essential part of perception and understanding of surroundings. This collaborative installation will continue Hur’s ongoing narratives of loss and rupture. The exhibition is a provocative exploration of materials and lighting that are intended to facilitate dialogue about the notion of psychological, interior space.

Gyun Hur has performed and exhibited in Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Hong Kong, and Turkey. Gyun’s work has been widely recognized for her floor installations comprised of hand-shredded silk flowers that evoke a sense of labor, loss and memories. Gyun is the recipient of The Hudgens Prize (2010), Artadia Award (2011), and Joan Mitchell Foundation Scholarship (2010). Her works have been featured in Art In America, Art Papers, Sculpture, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pelican Bomb, Creative Loafing, Jezebel, and The Atlantan. She was listed as the Best Emerging Artist (2011) by Creative Loafing and selected in Oxford American’s “100 Under 100: Superstars of Southern Art” issue. Her interest in art making in public space led her to various artist presentations and projects with the TEDxCentennialWomen, the international street art conference Living Walls: The City Speaks, gloATL’s Hippodrome, and many others. Gyun attended the University of Georgia (Painting, BFA) and Savannah College of Art and Design (Sculpture, MFA). She currently lives and works in Hong Kong. 

Aqua 13
(December 04 2013 - December 08 2013)

Aqua Art Miami 2013

bmore art
Shrimp Peels and Hair

Room #106

Exhibiting artists:

Andy Moon Wilson
Austin Eddy
Ben Roosevelt
Ben Venom
Harrison Keys
Matthew Craven

Matthew Craven / Arrangement:
(October 18 2013 - November 30 2013)

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Matthew Craven’s graphically driven works illustrate meditations on time and timelessness. Well-known and ambiguous images of archaeological remains and ruins are placed alongside of cultural relics. The resulting works conveys artifacts that float amidst a cryptic backdrop; the image as a whole acts like a snapshot of objects oscillating between dimensions. Meticulously cut from historical texts and often placed within Craven’s diligently patterned pen and ink drawings, the results are compositions that highlight a new connection to our past in an aesthetic that is intended to be both cinematic in scope and visionary in perspective.

Within today’s digital age, to engage with two-dimensional images in such a way references a largely outmoded artistic practice. The physicality of his work reflects the collapse of past and present. Craven’s use of found materials also begs one to reconsider the value and place of civilization’s remnants. What are their legacies?

Matthew Craven lives and works in New York City. He received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2010. Solo exhibitions include Oblivious Path at DCKT Contemporary (NYC) and Repeater/// at Popps Packing (Detroit), Allegra LaViola (NYC) and Marvelli Gallery (NYC). Group exhibitions include Totem at Asya Geisberg Gallery (NYC), American Collage at Gerald Peters Gallery (NYC), Portait of a Generation at The Hole (NYC), What’s The Point? at Jen Bekman Gallery (NYC) and PaperChasers at Nudashank (Baltimore). Craven recently curated the group exhibition Acid Summer for DCKT Contemporary and has curated exhibitions for Nudashank.

Drew Conrad - Backwater Blues -
(August 24 2013 - October 05 2013)

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Drinks were provided by One Eared Stag and Newcastle.

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present Backwater Blues by Drew Conrad.  Backwater Blues is the inaugural exhibition in our new location, 1037 Monroe Dr. NE in Midtown. This is Conrad’s third solo show with Get This! Gallery.

Conrad’s architectural sculptures and hanging assemblages in Backwater Blues seem to be the somber ruins of a once vital place.  Constructed out of raw material - distressed by hand with rust, debris, stain, and sediment - Conrad creates dwellings and remnants of domestic spaces that appear corroded by time.  The fractured interiors and exteriors become sites for identity making, serving as metaphors for psychological reflection. Reoccurring themes of legends underpinned by myth and assumed cultural pairings suggest a questioning of collective memory in contemporary times.

The sculptural works in Backwater Blues hark back to a southern gothic take on Gordon Matta-Clark.  Intuitively and methodically built, the architecture reminds one of Rauschenberg’s combines.  Hanging electrical chords demonstrate a refinement of earlier influences such as Christian Boltanski. Elvis’ tombstone, snapshots by Conrad, a taxidermy Ram, and old vinyl albums form a bricolage of personal history and collective memory.

Drew Conrad was born in 1979 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Conrad received his BFA from the University of Georgia and received his MFA from Parsons School of Design in 2005. He was awarded the prestigious Mac Dowell Fellowship in 2012.  His work was most recently exhibited in Ain’t Dead Yet at Fitzroy Gallery in New York, The House of the Seven Gables at the University Galleries of Illinois State University and in House: Home at New York University’s Kimmel Galleries. Conrad’s work has been featured in such publications as, Sculpture Magazine (forthcoming), Art in America, Creative Loafing, The Atlantan, Atlanta Journal Constitution and ArtSnobbing. Drew Conrad lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

(June 22 2013 - July 27 2013)

Andy Moon Wilson
Ben Roosevelt
Harrison Keys

View work from the exhibition.

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition AMW / BR / HK, new works by Get This! represented artists, Andy Moon Wilson, Ben Roosevelt, and Harrison Keys.  The group exhibition features the three Atlanta based artists whose works were recently acquired by the High Museum for their permanent collection.  The exhibition at Get This! Gallery coincides with the exhibition, “Drawing Inside the Perimeter,” an exhibition that will be on view at the High Museum from June 29 thru September 22, 2013.

Andy Moon Wilson is exhibiting new 10 x 10 works on paper that continue to push the boundaries of sensory overload, as established in his most recent solo exhibition at Get This! in 2013.  Tessellating patterns inspired by Op artists like Bridget Riley are meticulously arranged to induce a hyper stimulating optical experience.  Moon Wilson lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.  He received his MFA in Drawing from the University of Iowa in 2001.  Moon Wilson has exhibited nationally in various solo and group exhibitions.  He has been featured in several publications such as Art Forum, Art in America,, The Washington Post, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and New American Paintings.  The Creative Loafing voted his first solo exhibition with Get This! as one of the best of 2007.  The High Museum acquired a work on paper by Moon Wilson for their permanent collection in 2012.

Ben Roosevelt is exhibiting new large scale works that continue his exploration of The Blue Flame, the mythological dive bar born out of Roosevelt’s dream that inspired the solo exhibition and immersive installation of the same name at Get This! in 2012. The Blue Flame is a place that questions the notions of legend and authenticity. Roosevelt has participated in exhibitions in the United States and internationally including the 2007 Atlanta Biennial, Aqua Art Miami 2012, Ard Bia Gallery in Ireland, and House Projects, a series of group exhibitions and residencies across London, Ireland, and New York City. Roosevelt holds a Master’s degree in Theology from Vanderbilt University and a MFA from the Burren College of Art. He won the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award in 2008. He has appeared in several publications including Circa, the Atlantan, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Irish Times. The High Museum acquired three works on paper by Roosevelt for their permanent collection in 2012.

Harrison Keys is exhibiting new works on paper.  Keys’ images are suggestive of adult situations even as they evoke the innocence of childhood.  They possess a sharp wit by using clever wordplay that injects a cryptic adult humor.  Hints of outsider art and geometric abstraction speak to Keys’ keen sense of art history.  Keys was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  He studied printmaking at Georgia State University.  He has had two solo exhibitions at Get This! in 2007 and 2010.  The High Museum acquired two works on paper by Keys for their permanent collection in 2013. 

Jenene Nagy / phenomena
(April 26 2013 - June 08 2013)

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*Review of exhibition on Burnaway.

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition phenomena by Jenene Nagy.  This is Jenene’s first time working with Get This! Gallery.

Jenene Nagy’s drawings reward those who look and keep looking.  The works exploit the inherent properties of graphite and rely on the materiality of surface, challenging the limits of human observation.  As the act of looking builds up, the viewer becomes both witness to and creator of the phenomena.  And indeed, only upon closer inspection do the solid black, geometric drawings reveal a landscape of perceptually intriguing metallic impressions - residue of rigorous, hyper-actively contained mark making. 

According to Nagy, the works physically locate the viewer where perception and light are integral in revealing and concealing the composition. Like silvery optical illusions, the drawings change perspective based on how the viewer shifts.  The direction that the graphite has been applied, the pace at which Nagy’s marks move across the paper all require slight movements, each shift building a new way of seeing and only adding to the visual phenomena.

In previous works, Nagy borrowed compositions from painter Peter Halley to experiment with the optical phenomena he spoke of in his writings.  In the exhibition phenomena, maps of Atlanta - before and after the 1996 Summer Olympics - lend the visual language to provide a launching off point for abstraction, subjectivity, and a visual examination of three-dimensional spaces.

Nagy lives and works in Aspen and Los Angeles.  She received her BFA from the University of Arizona in 1998 and her MFA from the University of Oregon in 2004.  Nagy’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including the Portland Art Museum, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Torrance Art Museum, Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin, Germany, and Dam Stuhltrager in NY, among others.  Recent awards include an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission, a three-month residency at Raid Projects in Los Angeles. In 2011 Nagy was named as a finalist for the Contemporary NW Art Awards.  Along with a rigorous studio practice, Nagy is one half of the curatorial team TILT Export: an independent art initiative with no fixed location, working in partnership with a variety of venues.  From 2011-12 she was the Curator-in-Residence for Disjecta Contemporary Art Center in Portland, Oregon.  Currently, Nagy serves as the Artistic Director of Painting and Printmaking at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. 

Andy Moon Wilson / 10 x 10
(March 02 2013 - April 20 2013)

*Reviews of the exhibition on,, and Burnaway.

Get This! Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition 10 x 10 by Andy Moon Wilson. This is Andy’s third solo show with Get This!.

According to Andy Moon Wilson, his 10 x 10 drawings appear to be flashes of something bright and glorious, possibly a mirage that confounds all manners of approach. As if blitzed with color, line, and shape, the energy of the highly patterned work induces the viewer into excitement, disorientation, confusion, and elation.  This new body of work is part of a new series begun in 2010.  However, the pieces of frenetic visual overload previously organized in large numbers and intense groupings have shifted into a presentation that is more minimal and subdued, allowing each individual piece to stand on its own. There is now more restraint and focus, but still an overwhelming sense of draftsman.

The individual drawings assault the senses and then invite the viewer into a hypnotic lull.  While the late abstract symbolist painter Simon Governeur’s mathematical approach served as an influence, the mystic potential in geometry is not the main point for Moon Wilson. Instead, geometry becomes the field to dig or build into potential dimensions. Moon Wilson’s only tool is a simplified language devoid of all text and recognizable imagery.  Each 10 x 10 denies order in search of something beyond existing modes of logic.

The nuances of the human hand still appear within the orderly frenzy, reflecting that perfection exists only in the human mind, as one might see in the algorithmic visuals of James Siena’s work. Siena along with Simon Gouverneur, Alfred Jensen, Charmion Von Wiegand, Emma Kunz, Anni Albers are all stated as influences on this particular body of work.

Moon Wilson lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.  He received his MFA in Drawing from the University of Iowa in 2001 with a Minor in Digital Imaging.  Wilson has exhibited nationally in various solo and group exhibitions, including The Curator’s Office in Washington, D.C., and has been featured in several publications such as, The Washington Post, Art in America and New American Paintings. The Creative Loafing in Atlanta voted his first solo exhibition with Get This! as one of the Top 10 Art Picks of 2007.  A work on paper of Moon Wilson’s was recently acquired by the High Museum of Art for their permanent collection.

Andy Moon Wilson // 10 x 10 Exhibition catalog.

IN UNISON // group show organized by William Downs
(January 05 2013 - February 16 2013)

Review of exhibit in the Creative Loafing.
William Downs interviews with Burnaway.

Click here to view work from the exhibition.

The exhibition includes work by:

  • Derrick Adams, (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Angela Berry (New Orleans, LA)
  • Carolyn Carr (Atlanta, GA)
  • Jesse Cregar (Atlanta, GA)
  • Brian DeRan (New York, NY)
  • Sarah Emerson (Atlanta, GA)
  • Eve Fowler (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Michael Gibson (Atlanta, GA)
  • Geoff Grace (Baltimore, MD)
  • Sophie T. Lvoff (New Orleans, LA)
  • Will Oldham (Louisville, KY)
  • Marc Andre Robinson (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Alyse Ronayne (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Lisa Sanditz (New York, NY)
  • Scott D. Silvey (Kawasaki, Japan)
  • A.L. Steiner (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Margot Walsh (New Orleans, LA)

Downs, who has exhibited his work internationally since the mid 1990s, also has long history of organizing large group exhibitions. During his undergraduate studies at the Atlanta College of Art in the 1990s, he orchestrated a number of “erotic shows” in underground galleries throughout Atlanta. While attending graduate school at the Maryland Institute College of Art, he organized annual “birthday” exhibitions in artist-run and non-profit spaces in Baltimore. According to Downs, IN UNISON is a combination of his erotic shows and his birthday exhibitions and includes artists with whom he has connected through art, music, and lifestyle.

The artists—in addition to maintaining sustainable art practices—also work as musicians, managers, recruiters, curators, and educators. They are mediators and connectors, not only contributing to the field by means of production, but also influencing taste and supporting forward-thinking ideas by their peers, students, and collaborators. This manner of living and working is essential to Downs who previously worked as an art-handler/shipper and as a bicycle messenger in multiple cities. He continues to teach and organize exhibitions in addition to his practice as a drawer and painter.

As artist Wassily Kandinsky once wrote, “Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically.” IN UNISON celebrates a diverse group of artists who explore color, movement, line, and sound through drawings, paintings, photographs, sculpture, and audio works.

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